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Aiki.com Advertising services

Hello and welcome to Aiki.com's marketplace. We are building a wonderful site to include many options for those of you who would like to advertise with us. We are envisioning buttons on the top of relevant pages as well as an Aiki.com marketplace.

Some advantages of online advertsing are:

  • ability to change ads more frequently
  • Link people directly to your website
  • Visibility to almost 2,000 visitors a day, nearly 60,000 a month
  • We are working to make everything easier for you everyday
  • If you have any questions or comments email her here or call 1-800-445-aiki

    Many of our visitors are looking at the marketplace section. Take look at the chart below:

To become involved in advertising at Aiki.com you need to make a payment and send us the image files to compose your ad. To make payment, simply go to the ad map and click on the price of the ad size you want and fill out the form for payment. Then, simply email us your 72 dpi .jpeg files.

If we receive your payment and ad file by the 25th of the month, you can expect to see your ad up at the beginning of the following month. Please note that we may need your cooperation in order to complete the process, so until your ad appears, please be accessible by phone and email. For general questions about advertising, please call Abbie at (909) 624-7770 or email her
here. For technical questions or about size and formatting of the ad email Ben here.

Image ads are placed on special advertising page of our website (very similar to ATM ads).

Please see the ad map below to view the available sizes and prices. Prices are per month. Click the price to purchase ad.




Ad pricing is subject to change without notice.